Sept ’18 Road Trip: 5) Kootenai Falls, MT

After Canada we saw it was raining on the coast, so east we go! We had to stop on the way to Glacier National Park and hike to the Kootenai Falls.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 6) Camping in Lakeside, MT

After Glacier we kept riding in MT and found this great lakeside campsite. We have a new routine: we find a site then Lisa sets up the tent while Rick finds the nearest store for steaks and wine. It works for us!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 7) Glacier Park & Montana

I think Glacier National Park is prettier than Yellowstone. But this year fires had half the park closed. But we still rode to the top of Lolo Pass from the east. And needless to say, the steaks are great up here in Montana!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 8) Camping on Idaho Route 12

Route 12 in Idaho runs across the Rockies and follows a river. Last time Rick rode it, a few years ago, he hit a deer and took the bus home with his arm in a sling. He had to revisit the scene of the crime, so we camped very near the same spot..

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 9) Boise, Idaho

We have a new favorite city: Boise. We liked it so much we spent 2 days there and had a great time exploring the city. I was even lucky enough to win a “Stinker Stores” frisbee at a festival!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 10) Ice Caves in Idaho

We just had to see “Ice Caves” in the Idaho desert. What? Turns out water does freeze down there, and old-timers used to come here for ice-cold beer.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 11) Camping on Scout Mtn, ID

For our last camp we found a great site on Scout Mountain, in Idaho. All our camp sites have been “winging it” and this one was a winner.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 12) The Deadly End

Riding down through Utah was pleasant enough until the sun went down in the Dixie National Forest near Panquitch lake. The deer were everywhere, and as Rick was avoiding a deer on the right, one from the left did a kamikaze run straight into his bike. He didn’t go down but only went into a wobble, with only some fairing damage.

Nashville May, 2018

Downtown Nashville – Country Music City

It seems every bar has an award-winning band, and they are mostly small and packed in close to each other. We stood on the sidewalk and could see and hear 5 bands at once. It’s a fun place, especially if you like the fiddle.

Gaylord Opryland Resort

We stayed here for a few days and it’s pretty fancy. 3 big glass-enclosed atriums with water falls and exotic plants, and not a leaf or petal out of place.

The Real Tennessee with Jimmy and Renee

We stayed a few days with Lisa’s childhood BFF, Renee, and her husband Jimmy, who used to be a monster truck driver on the show circuit. They live in the country and we got to experience the real Tennessee. We loved it.

Canoeing on the Red River

We could almost hear dueling banjos canoeing down the Red river, so named from a Civil War battle. And this is the site of the Bell Witch, the most documented haunting in American history. Spooky.