Mar ’19 Camping in the Super Bloom

We joined the South Coasters for another spring campout in the Anza Borrego desert. This year we were treated to a bloom of wild flowers, thanks to all the rain recently.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 1) Nevada and Reno

For our vacation this year we took the bikes on a 2-week road trip to Canada in September. We camped about half the time and had a great time. The weather held up perfectly, but then again we winged it with no plans and rode where the sun was shining (mostly). The first leg was up to Reno to visit our friend George.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 2) Camping in Oregon

Rick’s son, Anthony, lives in Spokane so we headed up there for a few days. Sticking to the 395, we camped just south of John Day, Oregon in a great, remote spot. We had to WHOLE campground to ourselves, which was perfect, until we spotted the black bear fur and tree scratches the next morning!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 3) Spokane & Coure DeLaine

We spent 2 days in Spokane visiting Anthony and his family. Even better was Coure DeLaine, just 30 miles away. Idaho is even more conservative than Texas, with open carry for everyone! We like Idaho.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 4) Canada

We spent 2 days riding around Canada with perfect weather, friendly people and great food. What’s not to love, eh?

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 5) Kootenai Falls, MT

After Canada we saw it was raining on the coast, so east we go! We had to stop on the way to Glacier National Park and hike to the Kootenai Falls.

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 6) Camping in Lakeside, MT

After Glacier we kept riding in MT and found this great lakeside campsite. We have a new routine: we find a site then Lisa sets up the tent while Rick finds the nearest store for steaks and wine. It works for us!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 7) Glacier Park & Montana

I think Glacier National Park is prettier than Yellowstone. But this year fires had half the park closed. But we still rode to the top of Lolo Pass from the east. And needless to say, the steaks are great up here in Montana!

Sept ’18 Road Trip: 8) Camping on Idaho Route 12

Route 12 in Idaho runs across the Rockies and follows a river. Last time Rick rode it, a few years ago, he hit a deer and took the bus home with his arm in a sling. He had to revisit the scene of the crime, so we camped very near the same spot..